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sex tantric Kashmiry massagetantric massage from kashmir
 Video - DVD tantric sex massage (massage of genital men lingam and women Yoni sacredwith a tantric awareness DVD video) with sensuality, spiritulaity, and erotic pleasure, but no pornographic.

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DVD Kachemiry sex tantric massage for man Lingam and woman Yoni in sensuality, softness, the pleasures and multiple orgasms, alarm point G and other points orgamisques intimate development of male orgasm without ejaculation

Christophe Dacier proposes a personalized, courses, training for all those seeking to develop a better life, to free themselves from obstacles, develop grants.

This DVD is for adults. A DVD for women as for men.

Christophe Dacier, trainer and massage tantra tantric Cachemiry, offering DVD - Video cachemiry tantric massage. Through these many years of success and sensual massage and sexual and Kashmiri Tantric tradition, it offers the DVD video of these wonderful massages, with tenderness, energy and many orgasms, and slow sensual massage of the sexual and intimate Genital (lingam and yoni to man and woman) are addressed with professionalism, joy and pleasure. These massages are designed for both couples and singles these DVDs bring their new knowledge: the 6 reflexology multi orgasmic vaginal women and multiple orgasms without ejaculation for men, all filmed and explained in this video - DVD sexual massage sensual tantric practice for you ...

Expect the inverse of a pornographic DVD -

For women, a first in tenderness slow massage and meditation of the whole area intimate and sexual, to free memory and that all areas (external and internal) is finally recognized in a touchdown with no sexual intent. A true liberation of sex to a mechanical sexuality tantric sexuality.


To man a powerful and gentle massage that stimulates the orgasms without ejaculation - with or without an erection. This massage has nothing to do an act of masturbation, but develops long erections, restoring vitality and intimate pleasures.


A second massage for women. A little more dynamic than the first, it will awaken the 6 reflex points of the sphere vaginal orgasms that offers customizable, multiple and repeated. Globalizing the whole sex is a delight for a woman to enjoy orgasms tantric ecstasy.

85 minutes, Pal, 16 / 9, stereo.

French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian available for download



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